Satellite navigation gadget

If you are a newbie driver and you are getting yourself familiar with every street and road you are traveling through, a Satellite Navigation is simply the car accessory that you must have. Sat Nav gadget is a GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device that tells you where exactly to go or turn to when one area is congested, and tells the most fuel efficient way to reach your place of destination. It also offer live traffic information through your cell phone. Most importantly, the device has a built-in speed limit warning so it will just ‘speak’ to remind you if you are driving past your limit.

If you want to know which brand suits your needs, the latest model available, their prices and the new features in a brand, just visit for the real honest to goodness review on the navigation brands. Right now they have client satisfaction reviews of four major Sat Nav in the UK. The most popular brand according to the site is Tom Tom followed by Garmin, Sony and Navman.

The little device comes in different shapes and sizes, from 7 inch wide screens to small 3 inch screens. The latest feature added to brand new models is Bluetooth that enables the device to function as a hands free car kit using your own mobile phone.

Tom Tom, for example, offers live service which allows users to connect wirelessly to real-time HD traffic information and safety alerts, to make sure that you don’t get stuck in traffic jams and road works.

Sat Navs are also recommended to motorbike users, cyclists and as hand-held GPS device for ramblers while walking.

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