Sexy in bath robe

I had this fancy thought of surprising my husband with an outfit he would surely love. Nope I’m not talking about a sexy lingerie here for you won’t catch me wearing one. I’ll wait till I shed the extra pound(sss). LOLz. I’m talking about bath room garments I saw while visiting my online friends. The selections include a thick and warm terry bath robe which can alternate a jacket while you are lazing around on a cold or rainy day. I only have to choose between the green and the red piece. Maybe hubby would love the color red for him. For warmer days, I can put on this white waffle bath robe. It looks chic and sexy. Okay, I’ll give in I admit I wanted to look sexy in a black sequined towel wrap. Any black cloth or robe for that matter can make me look a bit slimmer. Yippee. Now I know what to give myself and hubby for Christmas.

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