Simple Christmas dinner

This is my first Christmas as a blogger. You just can imagine how busy I am today. Oh no, not preparing food for the Christmas Eve, but busy rushing to complete some online assignments. Seriously, I wish to save up for my kids’ field trip expenses for February so I’m working doubly hard these days, grabbing every opportunities here and there. (I’m thankful to the Lord that I find myself useful despite my being jobless for almost three years now.)
With a very tight sked that I had today I wish I still have more time to reply to the Christmas greetings of my friends on FB and visit my fellow Mommy bloggers who paid my site earlier before the clock strikes 12 tonight.
Despite my busy sked I still have time to prepare a little ‘salo-salo’ (banquet) or dinner for my family tonight (that will be from 5pm onwards). I’m planning to cook up spaghetti. I saw a very simple recipe while watching TV a while ago. This is not a new recipe, but I haven’t tried it at home. Spaghetti sauce is very simple to cook and affordable, its just a mixture of sauteed sardines and some spices. Hubby brought home a delicious dinner roll. Its perfect for my spaghetti recipe. 
I hope kids would wake up early tomorrow so we can catch up the morning mass. In the afternoon, kids are planning to watch a movie particularly one of the entries to the Manila Film Festival 2009. These are some of things that I have on my sked tonight and tomorrow afternoon. It’s not much of a tradition but the practice we have for like four years now since my kids learn to appreciate Tagalog movies. I hope you had a good day today and tomorrow, Christmas Day. ^_^

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