Sleepy yet happy

This is my first post for the New Year. Yehey! I hope everyone had a wonderful time last night as we welcome the New Year with a bang, literally. The noise created by fireworks and firecracker explosion was really deafening, we can’t even hear each other’s scream. Everyone was in high spirits. We are only four in the family, but laughter filled our small home as my two kids started throwing candies (instead of coins for wealth according to Chinese tradition) in the living room. They were jumping up and down when the clock strikes midnight. We watched fireworks from our window and then we ate Media Noche or midnight meal later. Even before I could fix the table, I feel so sleepy that the bed looks very inviting. Maybe I just got tired from preparing the dishes earlier.

And speaking of bed, I really want to have a new bed this year. I can’t sleep beside hubby anymore because the mattress that we have been using causes so much pain on my back and the back of my neck when I get up in the morning. I need a softer mattress for our bed. I saw this site that sells bed online. The beds are just too beautiful. I’m not sure if we can afford those brands. But for the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for a new mattress to replace our old one. The brand new bed will have to wait till we have enough budget for that. By the way, do you know where we can look for inexpensive mattress locally?

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