So young

( This is a compilation of Luigi’s  interviews in 2006. I wish the readers will get something from his life story.  Warning: some words may be too graphic.)

“Eyeball, anyone? Send a picture. No picture, no reply.”

Luigi, 19, Nursing student, replied to this naughty invitation on the Internet chatroom and ended up having intimate relationship with his 20th chatmate. The steamy eyeball threatens to be his last as Argo — his latest cyber boy toy — has infected him with HIV.

Luigi says he started chatting on the Internet at 16, and has had sex with 20 chatmates.

“High school pa lang, exposed na ako sa kung saan-saang forum, discussion rooms sa Internet,” Luigi said, adding that even elementary students posed nude or masturbated while chatting.

Luigi was only 16 when he lost his virginity to an elderly chatmate who forced him into sex.

“Sa forum pa lang, may invititation na for orgies,” Luigi said.

Chatmates usually have sex eyeballs at parties, malls, movie houses, saunas and locker rooms of popular gyms in Metro Manila.

Luigi admits having joined orgies with straight and married men.

“Straight guys would prefer quick sex with homosexuals than women due to availability. Sa ngayon, ’di ka basta-basta makikipag-sex sa babae, mahirap… compare mo sa lalaki… Parang you know, for curiosity, for experience. Hindi kasi lahat ng oras available ang mga babae,” he said.

Luigi is considered the youngest among sexually-active individuals who got infected with HIV this year.

Four hundred fifty-seven of the reported AIDS cases to the National Epidemiology Center (NEC) of the Department of Health (NEC-DOH) were infected through homosexual contact. At least four of them, including Luigi, were reported only last April.

The Philippine AIDS Registry tallied a total of 2,499 HIV/AIDS cases since 1984, 67 percent of whom are between 20 and 39 years old.

Luigi’s story hopes to drum up support from stakeholders to include sex education and the deadly consequences of irresponsible sex.

Luigi began posting HIV/AIDS information when he first tested negative for HIV late last year.

“December pa lang, nagpu-post na ako ng information about HIV/AIDS/STI. Nag-increase ang awareness ko nang magpa-test ako,” he noted.

Luigi was glad to know that a number of forum members appreciate his effort to disclose such sensitive information about himself.

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