Stay Safe in Cold Dark Weather!

It is cold, dark, and raining outside and you get a flat tire. We all know someone who has been there in that situation, or maybe we have experienced this ourselves. Not only are you stranded, but it is dangerous to be out on the road changing your tire in those kind of conditions. When it is cold and dark outside, there is nothing like a quality jacket to keep you warm when you out in the elements. Reflective Jackets are essential for safety when you are outdoors in the dark and are useful for enhancing the contrast during daylight hours as well. Cars and other people need to see you or maybe your line of work requires you to be outside in the elements and/or in the dark. offers an array of choices of reflective jackets to keep you warm and safe at all times.

The jackets are lightweight and the design provides warmth and resistance to the wind. They offer a Silhouette reflective pattern that outlines your form and therefore provides improved nighttime recognition. They feature a 3MTM Stocthlite pattern for nighttime reflective protection and enhances the daylight contrast. The designs of our jackets are to allow for unrestricted movement in your daily activities. Many of are Jackets offer being both waterproof and windproof with the added comfort of breath ability and move ability. You will feel comfortable and protected from the elements while wearing our high quality jackets.

When you see the Blauer’s B. Bright Logo, you can be assured that the product is designed to provide additional visibility when you need it most.

Here are great tactical clothing options that had to offer. They have 11 reflective Jackets that will fit the different needs our our customers. We offer a variety of reflective Jackets for the everyday person, to reflective Jackets to those who need and use them in their everyday line of work – like police officers, EMS workers, fireman, tow truck drivers, construction workers, and so on. Please remember to always use caution and to stay safe at all times and remember to always wear reflective clothing when in the dark. Remember that safety should always be your number one priority.


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