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Escaping full time motherhood (a.k.a. blog addiction)

This was inspired by themomtrap’s e-mail to me in reaction to the comment I left on her entry `Are you a blogging addict?’.

Themomtrap was initially discussing at how she was saddened by the ‘loss’ of her fellow Mom Blogger, who decided to shut down her site along with her twitter and blog email address.

She said that Mom Blogger had previously mentioned “how much time blogging was taking away from her family and home life.”

Themomtrap even admitted that “there has been time that she could be doing something else but instead find herself blogging.”

I thought that we share the same predicament. And I’m eager to find out if I’m at the threshold of becoming a `blog addict’.

My daughter was complaining the other day because it’s past our lunch time and I have not prepared our lunch yet. I was busy typing out an entry when she blurted.

“Mommy, you are already neglecting us!”

She made her point and I did not argue with her because I am guilty.

Themomtrap suggested in jest to call ‘neglectful mothering’ as ‘escaping full time motherhood.’

I took this quiz and this is what I got.

70%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

So I’m an addict now.

I’m not going to justify the result. From themomtrap, I’m also sharing this:

10 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Blogging

10. You check your blog stats a LOT. You occasionally get up in the middle of the night and sneak a peak.

9. Your significant other suspects you are having an affair with your blog. Even when you’re alone with your special person, you do find yourself thinking what your blog might be doing right then…

8. You “mental blog” while driving or on the train, and sometimes even when you are alone in the shower.

7. You filter everything through your post-writing. You can’t watch a movie, see a play, read an article, or share a sweet moment with your child without thinking of whether it’s blog-worthy.

6. You suffer from “blog envy” when another blogger posts something juicy before you do. You suffer “comment envy” when said post gets 40-something comments – the jerk!

5. You “binge blog” 3 or 4 posts at once—only to feel guilty and empty afterward.

4. You ditched all your real friends for blog friends, because, well, “they understand.”

3. You think, “I can stop at any time.”

2. Your lunch hour has become your “blog hour.” You keep a few posts tucked in your desk in case you need them during the day.

1. After 5 minutes of meeting someone really interesting you ask, “So – do you blog?”