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Benefits of adgitizing

I received an email from Ken Brown of Adgitize Network informing me that my ad will expire in 5 days so that will be on Nov. 18. I will surely miss the services of Adgitize. I wish to renew this month but I still have to raise sufficient fund.

Adgitize has done a lot of good things to my blog. My alexa ranking has improved and my Page Rank (PR) increased from 0 to 2. I also get to visit new sites and meet new online friends through Adgitize. And as a bonus, I’m expecting a cash payout (hopefully soon) as a rebate for my advertisement. I’m definitely happy with their service. If you wish to receive the same benefit for your blog as a publisher or as advertiser visit their site now by clicking on the Adgitize banner above. Happy adgitizing with you!