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Santol binge

My mouth waters every time I see Santol being peddled in the nearby talipapa (makeshift market?) A tumpok (a kilo?) can be bought for P10. I can finish four to six pieces in one sitting when they are sweet. Eating unripe fruits like Santol and Mango would not be complete without a condiment to go with it. I decided to cook alamang (very small shrimp). I bought P5 of alamang and one-fourth kilo of kamias for P5. It will serve as extender and replacement for vinegar. I sauteed a medium sized onion and several lobes of garlic. Add in kamias (cut in small pieces), alamang, sugar to taste, siling pang-sigang and siling labuyo to complete my version of Alamang. Yummy!

Santol anyone?

Where have all the Santols gone?

My version of alamang or shrimp paste