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Couple’s Corner: Kiss and make up

Funny I had a hard time composing an entry for Couples Corner last week when the theme was very easy to tackle (misunderstanding). Oh yes I remember now it’s that teeny weenie jealousy about his ex’s picture that he forgot to remove from his wallet. Was it his style to make me jealous? He said it’s not what I think it is (the misplaced pix). Oh come on. Although he admitted it was an honest mistake on his part. Remember the ‘whirlwind’ beginning of our love story? He must have forgotten to take out what is there to remove from his wallet. And it made me really mad and I don’t listen to reason when I’m angry (jealousy fit). He knows that. Before, I get easily upset by petty things, but he knows how to brighten up my face. So our “little” misunderstanding was settled less than two hours because I don’t play hard to get. Initially, he would talk to me as if nothing happened then he brought out a VHS tape to watch.

I remember it was an Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan’s movie titled ‘When a man loves a woman.’ The movie chronicles one woman’s (Ryan) alcoholism and her husband’s (Garcia) efforts to help her. The story was far from ours, but it made me realized that my husband through the good time and the bad will love and understand me for all time.

We love to spend our time watching movies at home as our bonding moment and our kids got their love for movies from us. They even know how to use video torrents to look for movies or the latest music video online. 

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