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Driving experience

Not mine, but my husband’s. Even when we don’t own a car yet, hubby has learned to drive a car through his brother who used to own a Volkswagen. Hubby got the hang of using the old car while driving around our neighborhood. My BIL also taught my husband when its time for the car to have a brake job. It is necessary to learn everything there is to know about cars and their parts to run well, not just how to drive the vehicle.

Talk about driving a car, I admire the mom of my daughter’s classmate who is now working in Dallas, Texas. She was able to buy a Chevrolet Silverado from her years of working in the Big Apple. I got the chance to visit her daughter’s Face Book account and saw the photos of her new car. It’s a sturdy and lovely car. I asked hubby if such car is easy to maintain or requires low maintenance. He said that brand new cars will have minimal care need, but it all depends on how the owner takes care of it. But if the car is pre-owned, you really have some kind of preservation effort to keep it running for a long time. Good for her (the mom of my daughter’s classmate) she lives in Dallas so she can easily avail of the services of Dallas auto repair shop. I heard the shop offers quality car care for a reasonable price.