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Somewhat felt nostalgic seeing this picture of newspaper clippings from my GDrive. I was inspired to work because I have supportive editors. And this award inspired me, even more, to give my best shot in everything I do for the job I love. How time flies.

My former job brought so many unforgettable memories. One of which was my interview with Psychic Stargazer at the Ultra gate in Pasig City. In the middle of the interview, Star uttered a prayer for those who perished at the stampede that occurred in the area in 2006. She said the victims need prayers to walk into the light and move on.

Stargazer, who began her formal training in psychic readings decades ago, said that seers like her just relay signs from God. She considers herself as the link between the living and the dead. Seeing spirits and communicating with them is one of the things she was able to hone as a young child.

Best Performing Student Award

Just another post to show how proud I am as a mother to two hardworking kids (young adults now). My daughter recently received two certificates during the FIT’s 10th Annual Students’ Recognition several days ago.

She got the Best Performing Student certificate for ranking second among the ITE top students for school year 2016-2017

The second certificate was for her and her group’s achievement as CMMA awardee. You can read related stories here, here and here.

Way to go, anak. I’m so proud of you! 🙂

Crystal Globe Trophy Globe Achievement Award

Nowadays, more and more awards suppliers begin to supply crystal trophy. They are many categories about awards.They usually adopt the crystal globe trophy as an award in some globe awards. Meanwhile, the globe trophy is an important award for the winners. Furthermore, it is also more used for awarding some other achievements. For example, the globe achievement award is an important award, which plays a key role in encouraging the winners.

In fact, the globe achievement award also adopts the crystal globe trophy, because it has the unique advantages. The crystal trophies are easily engraved. And this award is laser engraved with free choice of stock graphic and text personalization. Some important message, such as the name, time, and inspiring words, are sculptured on the crystal trophy. Meanwhile, the clients may also choose to add a special logo. What’s more, its cost is very low, which can help the purchasers save more expense. In fact, the crystal represents a kind of fantasy. I believe that no one may refuse such an elegant trophy. This award is created to celebrate achievements that carry global impact to better humanity. More importantly, the absolutely stunning award has the unique design.

The reason why the trophy is called as the globe trophy is that this trophy has important influence in the world-wide. Some crystal trophies are perfectly sized for desktop display. The global achievement award appears to have several multidimensional levels. Globe awards are most commonly used by some companies or organizations with a global presence. The trophy creates a floating effect. Engrave a logo, artwork, or sincere message of recognition to global success for a personalized crystal trophy they will cherish.

The globe achievement award will leave a deep impression for award recipients. At the same time, some personalized design can be available for trophy. The trophy arrives in two pieces to guarantee safe arrival.