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On awards and raffles

I’m happy for Marce Peh and preggy mommy Paula for winning the J&J Bedtime Believers Award. They were awarded for writing their personal experiences with baby products that prepare their adorable kids for a good night’s sleep. Congrats to both of you and to the other mommy blogger who also won a prize. ^_^

I left a comment on Paula’s site and told her that pregnant women are lucky in awards and raffle contests. Many can personally attest to that belief including yours truly. I got pregnant twice and lucky enough to grab an item or a major prize in some contests that I participated in at work. I think my luck has rub off on my husband because when I was pregnant with our eldest hubby won a desktop computer and a printer in a trade show. Hubby just dropped one of his cheap business cards in a bowl containing other business cards for draw. After a few days, he got a call from the representative of the fair informing him that he won the raffle. One lucky guy! From then on he never leaves the house without his calling cards in his wallet especially if he is attending a trade show. 😉 (Raffle activity is held in fairs and exhibits to draw crowd or attendees.)

Award and certificates

Naomi’s final grade was short of .3 percent to qualify for the elusive Harvest of Achievers Award. But according to her adviser, she remains in the top three among the honor students in her class. She got an average of 90.97. The grade to qualify to receive the Achievers medal is 91 percent. Sayang noh? My daughter is disappointed at first, but she’s not the kind who will sulk the whole time. She promised us to do better next school year.

She got a Model Citizen Award for her performance in her class. And just after doing my business at the registration office, I saw the copy of their school paper where two of her poems were published.

Khalil didn’t make it to the Harvest of Achievers as well, but he received three certificates during Recognition Day. 

With or without an award, I’m still happy for my kids because I know they did their best without Mommy’s help.

Congratulations kids. Pagbutihin pa next year ha.:)

Taken at Shakey’s SM Fairview right after Naomi’s Recognition Day last March 25. Khalil’s Recognition Day took place the following day.