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Sturdy trolleys for your school-age kids

Notice those school children laden with big bags with loads of books, notebooks and other school equipment in it, commuting to school each morning? Imagine lagging those huge school bags to and from school taking public transportation, difficult, right? And it will cause a major pre-adolescent back problem to little students. Why and how do they use that much stuff, anyway? If you are a mom to a schooling kiddo, chances are, the best thing you can do to alleviate this problem is to invest on a sturdy trolleys which are made from light material. That way your child can carry around all his school stuffs with ease and comfort without taking its toll on his back!

Include insulated lunch tote in your Christmas list

I’m looking for practical gift items for my little Godchildren this Christmas. Most of my god children are all grown up now so I decided to just give something to the little ones that include Sati, Pehpot’s only daughter who is about to come out anytime soon. I’m thinking of giving Sati a cute and soft nap mat which can also serve as mat for changing diapers. I may also include a quilted toddler backpack where her mom can put the baby book, some diapers and spare clothes when they visit her paediatrician for a healthy-baby check-up.

For my school-age Godchildren I’m planning to purchase insulated lunch tote to keep their snacks and lunch food warm. Children stay longer in school and they need a lunch bag that could keep their food warm for hours and cold drinks still refreshing to drink. I might buy a couple of lunch bag for my kids as well.