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Tantrum or bad mood

The best ‘talent’ ever perfected by kids is to throw temper tantrums. They can get away with almost anything when they are having one. And no amount of persuasion (even by the most soft-spoken mortal) works for them if they feel like crying, shouting and kicking for no apparent or unexpressed reason(s). Harder to persuade are kids who throw fake tantrums. Masasakal mo na ayaw pa ring tumigil. LOLz.

I should be skipping today’s MM for I’m really busy working on a project, but can’t help joining other mommies in showing their kids’ tantrum moments. Here we go. My kids’ tantrum or bad mood moments.

Hush baby
Half smiling half crying
Birthday boy don’t want his cake to be cut
Ate in a bad mood?
See how other mommies pacify their moody kids here. 

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