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Looking for a Cheap Tripod? Use a Bean Bag

So, you’re still reveling in the high of trading in your archos tablet for a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Although you may have the best camera in your hands, you still must battle with one of the most dreaded curses in photography: blurred images. Sometimes, you just can’t help but have shaky hands during that all-important photo shoot with the kids. Then you turn to your old friend, the tripod.

For nature and travel photographers though, they find it somewhat cumbersome to lug a tripod with them. So, they instead use a bean bag to help stabilize their camera, especially when they take low angle shots. If you want to make one, simply cut up some 8-inch squares of fabric, fill them with beans and then sew the fabric together.

Now, you have a cheap yet efficient thingamajig which you can use to help get more stable shots.