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Bed bugs

I’m such a neat freak when it comes to my children’s toys and clothes. I always remind the nanny (we used to have one when I was still working) to wash the clothes well and constantly clean the children’s favorite toys, the ones they often carry with them the whole day. I only wanted to ensure the safety of my kids so no one can blame me for being like that. You see my children were sickly when they were very babies. One gets sick after the other. I feel like being tormented when both of them are unwell. The most common ailments that often afflict my kids are bronchitis and asthma. Both are associated to some form of allergy. Sometimes I blame it on the pesky bedbugs hiding beneath the sheets. They often left visible bite marks on the skin of my young kids then. Although our pediatrician didn’t out rightly confirms the association of bed mites to their bronchial and asthma spells she still recommended using a bed bug mattress protector just to be on the safer side. We didn’t buy one because it will entail additional expenses, what we did and still doing until now is to regularly change bed covers and pillow cases to keep the bed bugs at bay.