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Tired but happy

My son and I spend the whole day visiting different places somewhere north for the school fieldtrip. He was so tired and sleepy that he wants to go to bed when we reached home last night. But I told him to rest for a while, take a warm shower, and brush his teeth before saying goodnight. He must really be tired and went to bed ahead of us. I noticed that he was restless while sleeping. Could it be that he’s having a nightmare or was it the bed?

The bed my kids is using is no longer comfortable to sleep on. I can almost feel the spring on my back when I lay down. Health wise, cosy bedroom furniture is an important consideration if you want your kids to have a good night sleep. Take my kids for example. When our bed was brand new, my kids have longer hours of sleep. And they practically use the bedroom as play area and study room because of the new bed. They want to sit and lie there all day.

Of late, they prefer to sit or lay on the sofa than stay in the bedroom. Our decade old bed is also causing me back and nape pain every morning. So these are the reasons why hubby and I are seriously considering buying a new bed this year.