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Mommy Moments: A Dad twice over

My husband is not the demonstrative type but he sure knows how to express his love and appreciation to his children in his own unique way.

When we find out that I’m pregnant with our first child. He was excited. He would accompany me to my doctor for my monthly checkup. He is such a supportive husband.

He is equally supportive when we discovered that I’m pregnant with our second baby. He works hard for our little family all the more. The kids love him so much. He is the best Dad in the world.  happy smiley

mommy moments

Unforgettable moments with Dad

TODAY is my husband’s moment to shine. I’ve searched for some pictures that I thought capture his best moments as a DAD.

Dateline: Quezon City (March 1997)
My eldest was barely a few days old when this picture was taken.
My husband was a little apprehensive to hold the 4-pound baby girl in his arms yet the picture came out well.

Daddy’s little girl. It was the morning of my daughter’s second birthday (March 1, 1999). She just woke up and was looking for her Dad.

Daddy’s Day Out. We were spending one Sunday afternoon at the SM StoryLand in Fairview. Hubby appeared relax here, but he was actually tired from running after our youngest so he hold the tot still for this picture.

We missed this kind of bonding this year. This was one of my husband’s ‘refreshing’ moments. He goofs around with our kids while taking a dip to cool off from the summer heat. This was taken at Water Fun (Fairview) in 2007.

A feather in Daddy’s cap. Hubby shared this important event in our children’s lives.

Joy ride on a Sunday afternoon. Both Father and son spend some time driving around the neighborhood using our not-so new motorbike.

Daddy’s girl is now a lady. I hastily took this photo right after the graduation ceremony last month. Daddy was happy to see her daughter grow up as a sweet and fine young lady.