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On losing weight and liposuction

I love my paediatrician’s new look. Remember my post about her and how she trims down to her present whistle-bait figure. She said she lose 5 kilograms in barely three months. Her secret, actually not a secret but a self-discipline in what she eats and physical exercise including regular jogging every morning. That’s how she shed off the love handles she’s been complaining about for a long time. We were in the middle of discussion when she mentioned about her contemporary who is a california plastic surgeon. She said her lady friend is a liposuction specialist. While she knows that cosmetic surgery is the fastest way to eliminate stubborn fats in the abdomen area, she still adheres to the natural way of losing weight. She said she can undergo ethnic plastic surgery if she wants, but still have qualms to go under the knife.

Ethnic plastic surgery, by the way, is the customized treatment options and specialized recovery programs being offered to Hispanics or Latinos, Asians, African Americans and Native Americans who wish to have plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. This means that doctors doing the procedure will see to it that any scarring can be improved even in people with olive-toned or darker skin. And they carry out the surgery to make the new appearance look natural or appropriate to the person’s ethnic features. The keyword is to improve, she said, and not to change the look.

I politely ask her if surgery has ever crossed her mind. Well, she said, yes. There were times she was really thinking about it. In fact, she said she already inquired about the price list. She admits seeing the possibility of undergoing beverly hills liposculpture. However, she said she can’t splurge that amount to achieve a desirable body. She said she’s confident now and more than ever so there’s no need to have a surgery for now.