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I’m excited to share here what the Marce Club

Pehpot Kaye Niko Jade Seiko Gene Liz Mye Kikamz Chris Fedhz
gave me on my birthday. I received the Red Ribbon cake and baked lasagna at about 3:00 pm. A bouquet of long stemmed white roses was delivered 15 minutes later. They came from Flower DepotI feel so special!

 Thank you Marces for making my birthday special!

Mommy Moments: Messy eater(s)

mommy moments

I think its but normal for some young children who no longer wear bibs while eating to wipe off the mess on their mouth and chin with their shirt like in the case of Khalil (not this photo). Look at the dripping ‘taho’ on his chin.

Naomi and Khalil share taho for snack.
Khalil munching a flower candy from her Ate’s birthday cake. Beside them is cousin Mariel

He was more than two in this photo. He drools every time he eats candy or lollipop. It makes his cheeks and hands really sticky. The fun part of it was I would urge him to kiss his Ate with all his messy pouting lips sending the big girl to run shrieking.

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