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Why add pictures to your blog posts

If a picture paints a thousand words, then one photograph will instantly fill out almost an entire blog page. Seriously, adding pictures to your blog posts can work wonders for your blog. Pictures add color to an otherwise drab blog post.

Some readers have short attention spans, so adding photos to your blog post will keep their interest. It would likewise be a good idea to spread out maybe 2 or 3 photos across a 600-word blog post, just to break down the paragraphs. It helps the reader get back to where he left off, if for instance he looks away from your post for an instant.


When looking for pictures to add to your blog post, do make sure that they’re relevant to the topic. You want your readers hooked, not laughing at you. Like when you write about the website – http://www.musician.com/ –  you should have a picture of a certain musical instrument in your blog post.

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Importance of photos in a blog post

Is it necessary to include photo in a blog post?

I do not know about you but I always make it a point to include a photograph or two in a blog post, I sort of feel like my article is dry or naked without it. It adds texture and attitude to my otherwise ho-hum posts. Primarily, it grabs the attention of your readers at first glance which will encourage them to linger a while to finish the entire article, and if you get luckier, leave a comment or two. It also expands your ability to express your topic by providing a subject-related visual that pretty much sums up your article. So, a good piece of advice, unearth those photos in your Eee Pad Asus and start incorporating them in your blog posts. Enough said!