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Dinner is Served

I am sure everyone will agree when I say that eating is one of our most favorite activities. We spend hours gathered at the dinner table during meals enjoying home made dishes and other goodies spewed from the kitchen courtesy of mom. It is the most opportune time to get updates from the other members of the family on how their day went out. It is also a perfect way to distress and relax after a grueling stint at work. Eating also gives us a kick plate full of our favorite dishes and there is nothing else you can ask for in the world, right? Well except for another round of your favorite vanilla ice cream for dessert, perhaps!

Some Bonding Time in the Kitchen

Kitchen is just perfect for other activities apart from your palatable or gastronomic endeavors. You can round up the kids over the weekend and catch up with them over simmering sauces and while waiting for your pasta to cook. You can also tag your husband along, for a change, let him choose which recipes to cook from your laptop nearby. You might as well show him the new model of htc virgin mobile is offering, which you have been hinting him to get you for a while now. Who knows, you might end up not only giving your family a delicious home-cooked meal and but manage to get the new gadget, too!