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New wardrobe for me

I’ve been searching for sites that sell simple yet affordable tops and jeans for days now. My wardrobe selection at present is something that I’m not comfortable to wear on important occasions. I’ve got a pair of dark-colored Capri but they can’t be worn even on semi-formal gatherings because the fabric has faded and no longer presentable to look at. I can only use them when I go to the market or do some errands at home.

My dilemma right now is that clothes that I saw online are too big or too small for me and often the designs are common. In my desperation to find clothes that fit my present size, I’m tempted to peek at expensive shops where there are several designs to choose from, but then again I can only browse the site as I don’t have the money to spend on branded clothes…sigh. Sometimes it’s easier to look for free dating online site than search for plus size clothing.