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Naomi’s Simple Breakfast Combo

My daughter is quite busy these days. She’s awake in the evening because of work so she doesn’t eat on time the way she used to. This combo meal is her idea and she’s the one who prepared and cooked all this. I know it’s not much, but I appreciate her effort in making her own meal.

What’s in her plate: toasted bread with star margarine, fried banana (saba) and sunny side up (almost). 🙂

Easy Breakfast Meal

If there is one thing I totally love about summer vacation, it is the fact that I do not have to be deep into stirring a soup or a dish in my kitchen in the wee hours of the morning just so I can feed an army of school children (which are just quite a handful in actuality, two). Don’t get me wrong I love cooking for my kids and I go the whole nine yards to keep them well-fed and nourished. But summer vacation is just another ripe opportunity to hang the apron a little bit longer and sleep in for another few hours.

Whenever any of my kids wake up earlier than I do, they can always fix one of those easy-to-make breakfast meals that I make sure I have in the ref and the pantry aplenty – eggs, cereals, pancakes, sandwiches or chocolate and biscuits and fresh fruits and juices. They can easily prepare their own breakfast as quickly as sending flowers online, and mom can buy more time in the sheets.