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Interesting business ideas


I’m looking for possible business opportunities (if not an extra job) online and I saw this local site that offers guide to starting up your own business. The site also features a lot of opportunities that you may be interested in like putting up a music store (check out musicians friend inc), home-based candy making business, sewing business, and a lot more. There are also guidelines on how to come up with promotional materials that will help you propel your business. If you love to attend events, there are listed schedules for events and trade shows for both newbie and old time business enthusiasts.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Business expansion

A friend of mine who is into food catering business has expressed her interest to expand her small business. She said she still wants to learn more about her trade hence she will take up a business course. The problem is she has no time to leave her job in between schooling so an online business degree is an option.

She said taking up an online business degree is cheaper compared to the business course offered in traditional schools. And she can easily adjust to the time that she has to spend online when her classes starts. Imagine she can study at the convenient of her own home while doing what she loves to do, that is cooking and preparing food for her business.