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Going Camping on a Motorbike

One of the great things about camping is that you’re free to do pretty much anything you want while you’re there; it’s definitely one of the most flexible kinds of holiday you can take, as long as you don’t mind packing light. There’s not a lot of room in a tent or in a caravan, and basically you can only take what you can fit in your car – but when you think about it, that’s probably more than you can fit in your suitcase when you take a holiday on a plane.

If you really want to have your freedom on a camping holiday though, you’re best going on a motorbike. There’s something to be said for not having something as big as a car to fall back on to truly make you feel like you’re in the wild, and you can usually still fit two people on the back, with plenty of space for a backpack too. There’s also space for storage in the bike itself, but you’ll need to just pack the essentials or it’s not going to work.

Camping on a motorcycle is something that wasn’t really possible until more recently, because campsites have only just been upgrading their security to a standard that an expensive piece of kit like a bike can be truly safe overnight. It’s always important to make sure you take the proper precautions, such as taking a bike lock, and remembering to hide your keys properly if you are leaving the bike unattended; it’s also a good idea to make sure that any campsites you are thinking of visiting have the proper security measures in place.

In addition, although you obviously have to travel light, it’s still important to make sure you have all the essentials with you in order to keep your bike in good condition. The BMW Club has a handy checklist for all the things you might need with you in order to fix any problems you might have with your bike while you are on your travels.

As long as you’re properly prepared, a camping holiday on your bike is one of the most fun experiences you can have. The sense of danger and the unknown that comes with camping more than any other holiday anyway is really a much bigger rush when you’re on a motorbike.

Camping and Caravanning on a Budget

Whilst it’s not really too hard to go camping or holidaying in a caravan on a budget, once you add kids to the recipe it can spell disaster for your finances. Ten mile hikes might be the order of the day on an adults only campsite, wandering around beautiful manor houses at your leisure, and heading off to the pub for your dinner, where you can enjoy a nice cold, refreshing alcoholic beverage and a meal without peas being flicked all over the floor; but none of these things are really possible when you are taking your children on holiday with you. Hill walking and pub lunches for you and your partner won’t break the bank either; but that theme park down the road will.


There are ways around this problem though; you just have to look a little harder to find them. When you think about it though, if saving money was automatic then everything would just cost less to start with. It’s not too difficult to find the best cheap attractions in the UK though; some of the best things come for free, and a membership with The National Trust can get you into a number of child friendly attractions for very little money; if they charge you at all. It also allows free access to some of the best and most convenient car parks in the country, so it’s well worth becoming a member if there are some attractions near where you’re staying.

If you’ve not decided where you’re staying yet, and could do with some advice on the best place to stay in terms of value and proximity to enjoyable and affordable attractions, visit Pitchup.com for a full list of everything nearby nearly every campsite in the country that’s worth staying at.

Whether you’re looking for a site with static caravans provided, or you’re looking for caravan holidays to take your tourer on, Pitchup will tell you which sites have the facilities you’re looking for, and whether or not they’re close enough to the things you’re thinking about taking the kids to see. The site is free to use too, and gets around the need for potentially expensive club memberships, as well as providing plenty of free advice, not only on how to save money and where to go, but also what to do when the weather is not so hot, which in the UK can prove quite valuable.