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Having More Than One Car

In two parent families or family situations where one or more children are old enough to drive, it may seem more economical to all share one car. This is true to some extent, but if an emergency situation arises at home and the car is in use elsewhere, the results could be disastrous. Should a child need to be driven to hospital while the car is at work, the time taken to wait for a taxi could be vital. Less frantic but still important; what happens when your eldest is offered an interview for their perfect job, but they have to drive to Manchester, and you have a meeting in Hull that day? Having more than one car makes our lives less complicated and easier to organise, and with used car sales making it affordable, there’s no real reason not to invest in a second car. There are so many green cars on the market these days that it needn’t even be an environmental issue – choosing your two cars wisely could mean you end up having less negative impact on the environment than your current single car has.

One way to add a second car to the family garage without breaking the bank is to trade in your current vehicle. You could make enough to purchase two smaller cars outright, and perhaps even have a little left over. Car valuations by Auto Trader can help you work out how much capital is tied up in your current family vehicle, and then point you in the direction of bargains. Private sellers, garages and dealers all use Auto Trader, and we cover the whole country – there could be a car right up your street that is, literally, right up your street!

Another point to consider is teaching your children to drive – do you want to let them loose on your Porsche, or is it better to invest in a second hand Ford for your beloved offspring to learn reversing and three-point turns in? A cheap second car has many advantages for a family, so check out Auto Trader today.