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The figure to die for

I used to be slimmer when I was younger. I only got this big when I became a stay at home mommy to my two kids. Household chores don’t have an impact on me. I think this has something to do with my lifestyle now and my eating habit. I can walk a mile then and it feels good when you perspire from walking, but now I’m tied in front of my desktop most of the time. So everything that I eat went straight to my hips lol.

Staying fit is on my wish list this year so I really have to work hard to reach my goal. I’m considering exercise and then dieting. Since I’m normally spending most of my spare time in front of the computer, a grab and go food is best for me. Are meal replacement bars, okay? Someone gave my husband diet cookies last year and it taste good. I think meal replacement bars work the same way as the cookie diet. I want to try some bars later. As for the exercise, I have to keep a strict schedule on my blogging activity to give an ample time to exercise. I’m looking forward to see myself slimmer this year.