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See you in December

I received a call from my sister a while ago. She said she might be coming home for Christmas or New Year’s Day. She misses her four children so much and she wants to spend the special occasion with them. She warns me though not to tell our mother for its going to be a surprise for her. My sister is doing well in her job in Macau. She is working at the clinic spa. I wish everything is okay with her although she’s having a little problem with some of her Filipino co-workers there. She thinks that her co-workers are partly jealous of her little accomplishment when she was designated to lead one of the activities at the spa. My sister is generous with her co-workers up to a point of allowing them to use her personal stuff. I think there was an occasion when she shared a portion of the tip that she received from a client who won a Casino on line game. My sister never harbors any ill-feeling towards her co-workers and she still prays for them. I think that’s the best way to address any situation you are in, sis. Anyway, I’ll see you in December or January next year.

Novice casino player

Many of my friends online are talking about casino online in their blogs. Some wanting to learn the trade for fun or while away the time, some want to learn new tricks to share with their relatives and friends. I haven’t thought of joining the bandwagon of casino players just yet, but if ever you are really interested to find out more about casino, how to play it and win real money, you can check out this gaming site and choose from several types of online casino that you wish to download and play.

I don’t play any online games these days as it they eat up my limited time to blog. If I have the convenience to play, I play solitaire or Pacman online lol. Seriously now, one piece of advice for those who are interested to try to learn online casino, be sure that you are signing up in a reputable gaming site and not to be fooled by scammers. Take time to read guides and reviews about the site and the kind of games they offer. Just enjoy the game and try not to get hooked for once you get the hang of it and get addicted, I’m sure you’ll never stop playing. See, I’m a Pacman addict now, hehe.