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What’s For Breakfast?

Breakfast as they say is the most important meal of the day and if you are a mom who has school-age children you would probably find yourself, with your apron on and a soup ladle in one hand, working early in your kitchen, just so you can serve breakfast to your boys just before they leave for school. The breakfast meals you serve to your family may actually depend greatly on how much time you have got in your hands to prepare them. Some moms may have all the time in world and can serve delicious beluga caviar on toast for breakfast every single day. And then there are some who have to go to work themselves, too, or are doing stay-at-home works that you will probably find them tinkering with their computer before everyone else’s day starts, that they will only manage to serve oatmeal, or cereals and milk. No matter, no meal paled in comparison against the others as long as they are prepared with love and with your children’s health and well-being in mind. So bring out those milk cartons and fry those eggs, in your special heart-shaped pan, if you may, and let us have breakfast!