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Chicken lollipop

I bought more than one-kilo of chicken wings the other day to grant my kids’ wish to prepare chicken lollilop for them. I followed the simple steps I wrote in my quick menu plan. The steps are easy you can prepare this in no time at all.

I marinade the chicken with lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper and let it stand for a few minutes before dipping in flour.

I wasn’t able to find Parmesan cheese so I strike out the cheese and egg in the ingredients list. I fry the lollipops on medium heat until golden brown.

Kids’ verdict: thumbs up 🙂

Since my kids’ love the way I prepare this easy chicken recipe, I’m thinking of cooking the same for their Christmas party or give some to the teachers. But if the budget won’t allow my plan, I guess a photo frame gift for her will do for teachers and exchange gift for classmates.