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Simple Christmas Décor Wish List

Are you ready to make your early Christmas shopping? I made a shortlist just in case I’ll have the fund for online shopping. 🙂


If you have some extras to buy for your home, we can check this place in Manila called Dapitan Arcade. They have an online shop where you can purchase simple household to intricate decorations. They are mostly locally made.


We rarely have Christmas decorations at home, so I’ll be including a new nativity scene set, a handmade lantern, and probably Christmas lights in the list. How about you, have you started putting up your Christmas ornaments from last year? I hope everyone is okay so we can look forward to the Christmas season free of sickness.


Practical Christmas Gifts

christmas shopping

In a few months, it will be Christmas once again and instead of being one of those people, who will wait till last minute to purchase gifts that they will be giving to their loved ones, why not start shopping now? There are various sales going on and it will not hurt to start looking for gifts that you can give to people that you know. The best deals that you can probably purchase this season are things that you would need in summer. One example of this is a summertime outdoor cushion that most people will probably need a few months more after Christmas. It is practical and you can buy it for a more affordable price this season. If you know someone who can benefit from having this gift then do not hesitate to purchase now. It will surely be appreciated.

Image courtesy of tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net