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Coffee shop business

Are you a coffee lover and thinking of running your own coffee shop? I think you can get a fair deal of commercial coffee equipment if you know where and how to scout for supplies at reasonable prices. Besides online shops, you can try stores that offer second hand equipment from Japan. They sell equipment almost half the price, but make sure they are in good working condition so have it checked before you leave the store. For your coffee supply, the Internet will provide you with what you need. There are coffee manufacturers and distributors that sell varieties of coffee powder products. Learn how to haggle to get the best deal for your coffee shop business.

Coffe, tea or me

This week at GT, girls are talking about their favorites drinks. My favorite is a cup of creamy coffee. I can consume three to four cups in a day depending on my mood. Sometimes I drink coffee after meal just to hasten my metabolism. Sometimes I drink tea for a change. I pour in two scoops of milk over a cup of tea to achieve my desired Naicha-like taste and add in ice cubes. I also like the iced tea from Shakey’s.

How about you what is your favorite drink that refreshes or cool you down. Share them here.