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Artist hand


Note: Pictures here are borrowed from my previous posts. I feel a little nostalgic seeing this photo of my daughter. This was taken when I took her to Museo Pambata in Manila. The frames behind my little girl are paintings made by talented kids.
I never realized I’d see my own daughter paint one day. She can paint a little, but draws better…I know I’ve been blabbing about her recent sketches at her site. But you see I still have to take pictures of her drawings and uploading them takes time…reasons. 😀

A finger painting of Tree

I used this sketch as my profile photo for blogger

Naomi’s latest work

Have you seen my daughter’s latest color painting? This is her latest creation. I asked her what kind of flower is this. She said she don’t know because she just copy the image from the Internet. It looks like a daisy to me.

We are planning to put personalized frames to her latest work and her other painting collection. My daughter is supposed to attend a summer art school, but unfortunately we lack the extra budget to pay for the short course. She is keen on improving her painting so she could try fine art prints as well. She plans to make personalized greeting cards using her paintings as design in the future.

I’m so proud of my daughter that I want her to have her own site just like a virtual online gallery where she can post all her drawings and paintings for my friends and our relatives to see. I want her to know how supportive we are to all her endeavor. We want to boost her self-confidence, to express her self well through her art.
My daughter is basically shy and prefers to stay at home. Painting (next to reading) is her only outlet, which will also keep her busy this summer.

You know what my daughter did after we told her that we have to postpone our plan to enroll her to summer art school? She prints reference photos of the subject that she would like to develop on. She intends to improve her craft through self-study. That’s my girl!