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Cooking with your wedding band on

Many people don’t like to ever take off their wedding band. This is a common philosophy among married people or those wearing promise rings. Unless absolutely required there are many people that will not take their ring off. Plus there are so many places in a kitchen that a platinum wedding band could get lost. Some places that will never see the light of day again are like magnets to rings. So there are so many things that will make you want to keep your wedding band on while you cook.

Sometimes you don’t want to scratch your wedding band with the cooking utensils. Most precious metals are going to scratch against your stainless steel or other types of cooking utensils. You probably wouldn’t have a problem if you were wearing any type of tungsten carbide ring. Most tungsten rings will only be scratched by a diamond or nearly a diamond. So if you have a tungsten ring you are fee to cook with your wedding band on.