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Adorable kittens

preggy munding

Pregnant Cordelia

Cordelia gave birth to four kittens two months ago. The kids were excited that they already named each kitten – Cordelia Jr., Tiana, Panda, Ming-Ming.


From top left: Panda, Cordelia Jr., Tiana, Ming-Ming (foreground)

The kittens are growing up fast that their demand for food is also increasing. I might have a problem feeding all five of them (including their mom). They usually love boiled chicken. I wish to give them (except for Panda perhaps) up for adoption but feel so sad just thinking about it.




Panda, the mellow kitten. She’s actually my favorite.

Would there be good Samaritans to adopt them or help us feed these poor kittens? We welcome any help we can get for Cordelia and her kittens.


Cordelia, the willing model

Cordelia, the willing model

My daughter loves to take pictures of our cat Cordelia. In fact, she’s her favorite nonverbal model to date. She (Cordelia) never moves whenever N would focus the camera on her. It’s as if she listens to N’s instructions to stay. I think our Cordelia would make a good commercial model for a pet product; for a website like the Entirely Pets Pharmacy; or for a group that advocates animal welfare. Don’t you agree?

The ran away cat

Cordelia sitting in her favorite basket. This was her last photo taken by my daughter.

Cordelia sitting in her favorite basket. This was her last photo taken by my daughter.

We’ve lost our cat last week not from an illness. She ran away and we were not able to find her. She got out of the house through our ceiling and we thought we might be seeing her the next day. She did not return. We fear that she might lost her way because she is an indoor cat most of her life. I just wish she has found another family to take her in. I hope someone would be kind enough to feed her or give her water. We miss you Cordelia!