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Creative corners increase the value of your home

The recession has taken its toll on many home owners in the US. Families are forced to foreclose or sell their properties at much lower rate. There are those who break their bank to improve their homes, to increase its aesthetic appeal and selling power. But there are means to make your property sellable without spending thousands not even hundreds of your hard-earned money. More homeowners are now utilizing Creative Corners’ DIY Pre-Fabricated Arched Doorway Kits by Archcraft Products to give more character or unique feature to their home. The pre-formed corner inserts transform square interior doorways into arched doorways without the frustration and guesswork out of building drywall arches. There are four different types of door arches namely the partial, full, eyebrow or step arches. Each Creative Corner model comes in 2-piece kits. They are primed and ready to install. You can mount it on your doorways, hallways, directed to the ceiling, over bath tubs, kitchen pass-thru, and wall niches, flat walls and stairwells. You only need to follow 4 simple steps and you’re done just like a professional. You can paint or cover your finish product with wallpaper. Each DIY kit costs between $55 and $130. Creative Corners has helped customers sell their house. Others fell in love with their home again because of the product. You can buy the DIY kit directly at creativecorners.net.

Step 1. Attach insert
Step 2. Apply tape and compound
Step 3. Sand Step           4. Paint or wallpaper
Arched doorway