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Ghost stories

Ghouls, White Lady. Do you believe in them? I used to write about supernatural beings, but believe me, I remain skeptical up to this day. I document and tell about how people “see” them. Creepy, yes, but it was part of my job to look for interesting (and sometimes hair-raising stories). Most of the time, these eerie stories land the front page of our newspaper because that’s what our readers love to read.

In one of my (ghost) adventures, I happen to meet the caretakers of the Director’s Office at the New Bilibid Prisons. Both attest seeing supernatural beings inside the old house. The ethereal beings made themselves felt on several occasions even to the wife of the NBP Director who was awakened by the movement of her bed. Nobody was in the room except her.

The caretakers still believe that a treasure containing gold bars and maybe some stainless steel rings could be buried in the area. And the ghosts were looking after them all these years, maybe until the treasures are recovered. –fin–