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Wanted: Cheap Blog Designers

I started blogging more than a year ago under a blogger platform and free template design from blogger. Would you believe I tried several template designs and still don’t know what I’m looking for. Finally, I’ve got my first taste of a personalized template when I won a blog makeover at a blog contest last year. I love the feeling that I have my own signature design for my blog. And I want the same for my other blogs too! This year, another blog of mine got a makeover for free from my good friends Peh and Kaye. Kaye, by the way, is the designer behind a number of good-looking sites that you may have encountered while blog hopping around. You can easily spot Kaye’s Good Blog Design from the rest. She can do Customized wordpress themes or design on blogger platform. So there, aren’t you convinced yet. Just thinking about the cool new Blog designs for my two other sites excites me.