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Casualty of Development

DPWH workers took down a tree to give way to the road improvement project. It’s just sad to see how the still-growing mango tree planted by my late brother-in-law fell to the ground as workers cut the branches one by one.

What’s left of the tree
This is an old photo. The smaller tree in the background was the one taken down.
The remaining mango tree. This is an old photo. It is taller and has more branches and leaves now.

Fortunately, one tree, which is bearing mangoes every year, is spared.

Letting go…

Sometimes letting go is the hardest part you’ll have to do in you life. We are letting go of our old mango tree. Men from the DENR are cutting down the 15-year old tree. They happened to be in the neighbourhood to cut down a Kaimito (star apple) tree in the middle of the narrow street in our area. I told my husband to bid goodbye to the tree that gave us juicy Indian mangoes and cool shade when the sun was high in mid-noon. We need to cut down the old mango tree because some insensitive neighbours were looting the fruits without our permission. They stepped on the galvanized roof to get the mangoes as if they were walking on the ground. Hubby just placed a temporary post to the rusty roof to prevent it from caving in. The leaves also clogged the gutters a number of times during rainy months. I remember sharing that story here.

It’s still noisy out here because of the chainsaw cutting up the poor tree. Goodbye tree…

Here’s what our Mango tree looked like last January.


we will surely miss your fruits…