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Single Mommy Blog: Finding the Best DailyDeals.com

A lot of single mothers and fathers have turned to the Internet to blog about their life as a single parent and discuss the struggles they encounter. Starting a single mommy or a single daddy blog is a great way to chat with other single parents about the issues you face on a daily basis.

One of the biggest challenges single parents confront is financial. Since single mothers and fathers do not have the financial support of a partner, it is difficult to afford everything their child needs. Many bloggers chat with other single parents about the deals they find on DailyDeals.com. This site features the very best deals on everything you need for your child including baby seats, diaper bags, toys, shoes, clothing, diapers, and formula.

Other issues that single parents are blogging about include the following: how to tell their children why the other parent is not around, how to save for the children’s education, the best discipline methods, how to find a great babysitter, how to balance work and children at the same time, how to find single parent support groups, how to deal with hectic schedules, custody issues, divorce issues, where to find the best daycare that is affordable, household chores, spending quality time with children, fun activities to do with your children, and the child’s school and curriculum.

Parenting is hard enough with two parents present, but single parents face many more tough challenges. Blogging can be a therapeutic process that gives single parents the chance to vent, talk about all the challenges they face, describe their dating struggles or financial problems, look for advice on proper discipline without another parent involved, and many other issues.