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Dancing lights at Ayala Triangle

It’s the start of Christmas vacation for students here in the Philippines. Kids are just excited planning what to do and how to spend their two-weeks vacation while at home. My son just know how to start his vacation interesting. Well, he had a great time bonding with his Dad yesterday as hubby brought him to the office. Before going home, hubby took our son to the Ayala Triangle where a musical light show is held.

My son was delighted to see thousands of bright Christmas lights change color to the beat of the Christmas melody. My son took a few photos and a video of the light show. I was able to upload the pictures, but got a little problem uploading the video.  I might just request hubby to do it later. For the meantime, I’ll watch the yoga dvd that I borrowed from a friend.

Judging the beauty of the lighted park based on the pictures taken by her brother, my daughter is now convinced to watch the light show herself.