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Four Different Positions on Gun Control

Gun control is a controversial issue. People have complex opinions about the subject. It is true that there are people who want laws enacted that will make it very difficult to even have a gun, while other people do not want to see any new legislation at all. The following are a few of the ideas that people have about gun control.

Limiting the most dangerous weapons
These include assault rifles that critics claim should not be interpreted as a right to bear arms. These are military weapons and no citizen needs one in order to defend themselves. There has been some success by Congress to ban these weapons, but it was only a temporary ban that has expired. Citizens can now purchase assault rifles at the time of this writing.

Licensing ammunition
People from this school of thought believe that the right to bear arms is something that will never be circumvented, but they believe that the way to reduce gun violence in the country is to license the bullets used for the guns. To date, there hasn’t been as many people who have joined the ranks of the ammunition regulators, but those that believe this is the way to solve the problem are passionate about it.

Better education and safety
Learning how to properly fire a weapon as well as the proper storage and security of a gun is something that gun advocates believe will keep gun violence to a minimum. There is no reason to start taking away guns or prevent their sale to lawfully abiding citizens. There are plenty of laws on the books right now. We only need to start enforcing these laws. Many people who have opinions along these lines often do not trust those who advocate for gun control. Believing that the ultimate goal of those who want gun restrictions is to ban all guns. However, a right to bear arms is clearly a right contained in the second amendment.

Background checks
Some gun control advocates are looking for small victories in the gun control battle. They are simply looking for everyone to undergo a background check before making a purchase. This would help to keep guns out of the hands of felons and those who may have mental problems. However, critics point out that there are seldom any specifics given for how these background checks would work with private purchases.

Both Democrats and Republicans have their views on gun control. The independent party views on gun control can be found in their platform.