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Extremely hot summer months

I heard that we are going to experience an extremely “hot” summer this year because of the El Nino phenomenon. The El Nino phenomenon is characterized by extreme climactic conditions – either extreme temperature rise with a little rainfall, and the opposite extreme, unusually heavy rainfall. The news said the El Nino will bring forth potential health risks to the public.

The Department of Health has issued health advisory to inform the public about the health risk of El Nino. They also share tips on how we can protect ourselves with the diseases common during summer months.

Diseases related to El Nino:
Skin diseases (due to water scarcity or shortage)
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (due to red tide blooms)
Heat cramps
Heat exhaustion
Heat stroke (due to high temperatures)
Diseases common during summer time:
Sore eyes (increasing cases)
Measles (cases have reach outbreak proportion)
What we can do:
Conserve water and protect it from contamination
Drink more fluids
Avoid strenuous physical activities
Wear light clothing
Listen to updates on shellfish bans

Do you have any activities or idea that you may add to the list above? How about sharing them here? Any suggestion will be appreciated. I may write a different post about it with your link(s) in it. Thanks!