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The best study pal yet

According to an article, one of the reasons that you need a dog in your life is that, it (pet dog) helps college kids get through finals week.

Finals Week sucks; just ask any stressed-out college student, or anyone who’s ever been one. Many schools, thankfully, have found a way to help: dogs. Programs that provide therapy dogs to campuses for overworked students to pet, play with, or just plain cuddle with, have proven successful in calming down students and (hopefully) improving their test scores

So, my baby girl needs a lot of bonding time with Oreo? What do you say, Naomi?

Tourism taps the power of social media to promote the Philippines

It’s nice to know that the new tourism secretary is tapping the power of social media to boost the country’s tourism campaign.

Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez said Facebook and twitter user, and blog owners can help promote the Philippines’ fascinating places and destinations all over the world.

“It helps that Filipinos love to travel. It will be our job to excite people to want to see our country. We have the best, most fascinating places to visit on earth,” he said in a press conference.

Aside from boosting local tourism, the new tourism campaign will help generate income and employment to Filipinos.

Now, if you own an account to any of the social media I’ve mentioned above, wouldn’t you want to be a part of the government tourism campaign and let your friends learn about the beauty of the Philippines?

Facebook, twitter, blogs are so powerful you don’t have to produce birthday party invitations to get friends and relatives to attend an important occasion. A post update is enough to promote your newly established or already flourishing business.