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Mother’s Day Gift idea


I want to give something to my mom on Mother’s Day. But the gift idea on my mind is not something that she needs, but I know she will be happy to have one. I’m talking about engravable charms from joyjewelers.com. My mother is not a jewelry person like me. I grew up seeing her using the same old pair of earrings and a very old personal ring.

If ever this will be the first time that I will be giving her a charm with her name etched on it or a piece with our name on it (hers, mine and my sister’s). You may find this corny, but I want my mother to feel that we are close to her and we care for her always even if we don’t show it often. As you know, she is taking care of my young nieces and nephews while my sister is working abroad. When I visit her in their rented house, I always find her looking sadly out a window. I’m sure she misses my sister. I wish I could do something to make her happy.

Do you think a personalized silver bracelet with charm will make my mother smile?

I hope you can make the occasion truly memorable to your mom or your wife with or without a material gift. Make them feel that you love and care for them while they are still around.

Image courtesy of start08 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net