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Role of family in drug treatment

What will you do if someone in your family needs help because of drug addiction? Will you entrust him to police authorities for safekeeping or send him to a rehabilitation center right away? I’m sure it will be difficult for you to decide especially if the person who needs medical attention does not cooperate. Normally, drug users do not welcome the efforts of people who want to help them. They usually deny that they need help or how bad their addiction can be.

Drug Rehabilitation Today, a site that offers assistance and counseling for drug users, points out the role of family in addiction intervention. Drug dependents will feel at ease if family members are the ones who will give advice to them. The love and concern of the family members will help them come to terms with their addiction and encourage them to seek immediate treatment.

Family members who will conduct the intervention should be assisted and guided by a professional interventionist. The role of experienced interventionist is important because he or she is knowledgeable about the different methods of addiction interventions.

Meantime, the site also encourages former drug users and practitioners to share their personal experiences with them. The real stories of recovery are intended to save lives and inspire drug dependents to seek treatment.