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Contractors from Globe got our DSL connection back this afternoon.

They couldn’t exactly tell what caused the disconnection problem, they said they fix or configure something in the “control panel box” nearby and when they returned to check, our DSL is already working.

It’s not only me who was “affected” by Internet-less days, my kids were also complaining for not doing anything. Big kids like mine got easily bored inside the house especially now that school is over. Online activities keep them busy most of the time. I’m really looking forward to summer activities that we are planning for them.

I can’t do blog hopping for now as I have my hands full with housework. I can only stay in front of the computer to update my site(s) for a little while. I hope my friends who regularly visit my blogs and leave comments will understand.

Charter expands Phatband Internet Speed

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hubby and I might pursue our plan to cut our DSL subscription. Hubby has been complaining of slow Internet connection for weeks now. Last week, he was searching for a Denzel Washington movie and it took him hours to complete downloading the whole film because of slow buffering. Whew! We noticed the slow connection after typhoon Ondoy hit our country. We don’t have an alternative yet, but we are thinking of subscribing to cable Internet service. We would love to subscribe to charter ultra fast 60 if it becomes available in the Philippines. Hubby have heard from his friends who are based in the US that Charter ’s Ultra60 Mbps is making waves in St. Louis and Southern California in terms of providing high-speed connection. Hubby said that with the current speed of Ultra60, we can watch a movie anytime we want without interruption (of slow buffering). My kids will surely love the idea of watching their favorite TV shows without being disturbed by “searching” or “loading” messages. Hubby’s friends are definitely lucky because Charter is reportedly expanding in the northeast and will cover more areas before 2010 ends. We really hope Charter will include the Philippines in its expansion project. We love the idea that cable services can save us time and money. With cable Internet my family will have more bonding time by watching online movies and hubby will have easy access to multimedia sites looking for gadgets and stuff.