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Web hosting geek

That’s definitely not me ha ha. I admit I don’t pay much attention on anything technical like web hosting, dedicated servers and what have you in the past. The heck I care. I’d rather ask hubby (not a geek or come close to being a techie but let say an enthusiast) who painstakingly explains technical stuff to me. It’s easier for me to understand technical terms when he explains it to me a la school teacher with matching diagram sans classroom and blackboard. This time, I ask him what ecommerce web hosting is all about.

I just hope I get him right so I can share it with you (only those who are not familiar with the term). Hubby said since I’m quite err familiar with web hosting now (post something about it twice), I can explain what e-commerce web hosting is. He said e-commerce hosting like web hosting is a business that offers other companies a space on the Internet where they can promote and sell their products or services. The ecommerce host provides the web design including catalogues and templates where prospective clients can buy and process their orders. The e-commerce host also provide business owners software to make business or merchant accounts to process credit card transactions like the ones they used at ebay, for example.

So if you are planning to put up your own business and spread the word about it, you will need to hire an ecommerce hosting company to handle all the technical matters to maintain your first commercial business site. (Do I sound like an expert now? LOL)